What is the Mission of the Varsity Club?

Varsity Club funds go directly to each program, and they are used to enhance the student-athletes' experience. Funds are used by each program for their specific programmatic needs and have been used for things such as the renovation of facilities, leadership seminars, and state-of-the-art technology. Supporting your sport’s Varsity Club fund is directly aiding your team. By supporting Varsity Club Giving Day, you are providing your beloved Duke Varsity Club with the opportunity to fund and invest in resources that are vital for the success of your current and future Blue Devils to achieve unparalleled success. Help us strengthen the heart of one of the premier academic and athletic institutions in the country. Your generosity will afford outstanding student-athletes the opportunity to pursue a Duke education while competing at the highest level.

What is Giving Day?

Varsity Club Giving Day is an annual 27-hour competition that raises money to support each of our Duke Athletics varsity programs.  Duke Athletics has 27 varsity sports and 2 varsity programs (Marching Band and Spirit Squad). Every gift, regardless of the amount, helps Duke's sports!

When is Giving Day?

This year Varsity Club Giving Day begins at 9 am EST Tuesday, November 28, and runs for 27 hours in honor of Duke's 27 varsity programs.  The last gift to count towards Giving Day totals must be submitted online by 12pm EST on Wednesday, November 29.

What are the Giving Day challenges?

We will host 4 “Hourly Challenges” throughout Giving Day’s 27 hours. Each challenge has its own criteria, and if the goal for that challenge is achieved within the specified hour it will unlock $12,000 in award funds that will be evenly distributed across all of our Varsity Club funds. Challenge award funds will be distributed amongst each of the Varsity Club funds that finish outside of the Top 3 Beat Your Best spots. If all challenges are met and all Challenge Money is unlocked, each team outside of the Top 3 Beat Your Best would receive an additional $2,500 in prize money. Donors can give multiple times and participate in several challenges. Progress of all challenges will be tracked on the Leaderboard page.

How do I decide where to direct my gifts?

On November 28th, visit vcgivingday.duke.edu and you will have the option to give to any Varsity Club fund supporting the sport of your choice.

What do my gifts fund?

Gifts to the Varsity Club provide essential, sport-specific funding to help our 27 varsity teams maintain a competitive advantage on the national scene and enhance the overall student-athlete experience. Each coach uses their Varsity Club funds for any specific item their athletes may need, from new equipment to facility enhancements.  Each teams’ needs are different, and Varsity Club funds enable each of our coaches to accommodate their specific team needs.

How can I make my gift on Giving Day?

Between 9 am on Tuesday, November 28th until 12pm on Wednesday, November 29th, make a gift online by visiting vcgivingday.duke.edu and clicking the “Donate” button.

Will live results be available during Varsity Club Giving Day?

Yes! Live leaderboards will be available on vcgivingday.duke.edu. The leaderboards will reflect overall Giving Day totals. Results will be updated every hour throughout the competition.

How can I help Varsity Club Giving Day succeed?

Post about VC Giving Day on social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the hashtags #DukeGivingDay. Call and email fellow Blue Devils and encourage them to give!

Is there a minimum amount I can give?

Yes! Only gifts of $10 or more will count you as a donor.

Am I able to give to more than one Varsity Club program on Giving Day?

Yes! If an individual wants to give to several Varsity Club programs, they may continue to add funds (and donation amounts) after they click “Next” on the giving page.  For example, if a donor makes 10 gifts of $20 each to 10 different programs ($200 total), that registers as one donor and a $20 gift to each of the 10 Varsity Club funds that were chosen by the donor.

Am I able to make multiple gifts to a single Varsity Club program on Giving Day?

Multiple gifts by the same donor to a single Varsity Club fund will only register as a single donor as it relates to the Total Number of Donors. However, all dollars paid across those multiple gifts will be captured in that Varsity Club fund’s Total Dollars Raised.

What if I already made a pledge to a Varsity Club fund?

We thank you very much for your pledge and for expressing your support early! On Giving Day if you make a payment on your existing Varsity Club pledge, your gift will count towards your team’s Giving Day totals in both Total Number of Donors & Total Number of Dollars Raised.