1st Place = $10,000

2nd Place = $8,000

3rd Place = $6,000

Program Over BYB Amount Raised


You can maximize your support of Varsity Club Giving Day during four-hourly challenges. Each challenge has its own criteria, and if a goal is achieved within the specified hour it will unlock $12,000 in award funds that will be evenly distributed across all of our Varsity Club funds. Challenge award funds will be distributed amongst all of the Varsity Club funds that finish outside of the Top 3 Beat Your Best spots for a potential award of $2500 to each of those programs.

Follow along on your team’s social media pages and @theirondukes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for announcements about challenges throughout our 27-hour Varsity Club Giving Day competition. Check out the boxes below as the challenges are announced to see how you can help and how progress is going.